Write For Us

Think you have what it takes to write the most amazing review here on Gaming Reviews? Have you reviewed something we haven’t or even have an idea for what we should review next? We welcome you on-board. We’ve been planning on doing this for a while, we want to give everyone a chance to write for us and get their name out there.

What we expect – 1500 words or more about the latest game/accessory/hardware. Doesn’t sound too hard does it?

Before you write for us, make sure we haven’t already covered your item in question. Shouldn’t be too difficult if you use our search bar, but that’s cheating!

Brownie points will be offered if you can include your own copyright free images, or even better, you own the pictures yourself. We don’t want the site taking down due to somebody not following the guidelines, last thing we want is a copyright court case.

You’ll get full credit upon writing for us.

We do not expect – Spun or any old rubbish just in the hopes of an easy back-link. We will allow one Do-Follow link if the content is good and its relevant to our website.

We will not link out to any betting/pharmaceutical site, end of story. I mean what would these have to do with our theme anyway?

Still prepared? direct yourself to our contact us page, you will find our email there. We want to make you work for this, its almost like a treasure hunt for our email isn’t it. Don’t think we made it difficult enough though!

Most importantly, we want you to enjoy yourself, this is a gaming website, everyone’s writing styles are different and we love that. Show your personality, we can’t wait to receive your masterpiece.

Good Luck.